Classic Elegance - Portraits For Women


Beauty is being yourself. Although we may not behave the same, we may not look the same, we are all beautiful, uniquely. 


My camera captures your soul, your elegance, your one of a kind attitude. My photography embraces you being a woman, a mother, grandmother, sister, and a friend. 

You deserve a portrait of you, the woman I see with my camera. She may be different than the woman you see in the mirror.  You will see you, as others see you, amazing, captivating, unique. 

You being yourself. You wonderful you. 


Included In Your Beauty Portrait Session

Session Consultation

Clothing and Jewelry Suggestions

Hair and Make-up Available (HAMU paid directly)

Posing Techniques

Studio Viewing


Group Sessions Available

Bridal Parties

Women's Night Out

Birthday Celebrations

Team Building Activity