High School Seniors Portrait Photography

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Paul S Robinson Photography is located in Blackstone Massachusetts and is a custom portrait studio and outdoor photography garden. We have a start-of-the-art studio complete with a changing room and consultation/viewing room.

We love seniors and we know that some of you love having your picture taken and some of you cringe at the thought. Paul has over 20 years experience taking senior portraits and he knows how to make you shine.

You've been to every class and taken every test. You've participated in school activities and carried the school spirit with you. You've given it your all and now you have reached your final year of high school. Now it's time for you to be rewarded for all of your hard work and show everyone "YOU" with an exciting and fun senior portrait session at Paul S Robinson Photography.

Bring your favorite set of headphones, your guitar, your favorite athletic shoes or whatever items in your collection of stuff you want. Have fun with an unlimited number of wardrobe changes for an on location or in studio photo session.

We have many different kinds of senior portrait sessions, some last 60 minutes and some can last up to 3 hours. It's up to you:

Basic Senior Session-90 Minutes

Deluxe Senior Session-120 minutes

Fashion and Model Senior Portrait Session-3 Hours

We have hair and make-up artists available for Fashion and Model Senior Portrait Sessions. 

You can be yourself at Paul S Robinson Photography because we want to photograph who you are, the real you. 


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Questions? Call us at 508-762-6882